Allows fabricators to cut openings to fit imperfect tubes & structural shapes.

Cut-to-Fit™ Technology uses Robotic Through-the- Torch Sensing to measure the geometry of any imperfect tube or structural shape. The system then automatically generates and verifies a modified torch path to fit the measured geometry.

Within just a few minutes the robot can cut a custom fitted opening in a base plate with a plasma torch, switch to a pulsed GMAW torch at a tool changing station, then perform a full penetration, two-sided weld custom fitted to the geometry of the structural shape.

Oxygen assisted cutting immediately provides an optimum “ready to weld” surface. Through-the-Arc Tracking™ allows the torch to manipulate the weld groove to follow an inconsistent centerline. Adaptive Fill compensates for groove width variation.

Cut-to-Fit™ Technology creates perfect welds on less than perfect, “real world” parts!