Eight is (much) greater than six when it comes to robot axes. In this episode, we showcase how a two-axis part positioner with coordinated motion will allow your six-axis robot to do things no human can.

Everyone knows that it is easier to weld flat than vertical, overhead, or even horizontal. This is a simple matter on simple parts. When you are welding complex 3 D parts, it is advantageous to continuously reposition the weld joint so that gravity works with you rather than against you to control the molten pool of metal. If your ‘bot has true coordinated motion, you can also weld around the corners in real-time. Weld stops and starts add cycle time and are a source of defects. Watch our video below for more information. The magic is in the code, which allows the robot to chase the part as it moves and maintain a constant relative torch to part speed.

Thanks to Gary Kowalski & FANUC America Corporation for the M-20 iB robot. James Nielander & Lincoln Electric for the PowerWave R5450 welder and Cameron Serles & Xiris Automation Inc. for the XVC-1100e arc video monitoring camera.

This is a great example of a robot doing a dull, dirty, dangerous job FASTER and BETTER than a human could.