I have made a good living building machines that make welded coatings on a variety of parts around the world. Welding creates strong metallurgical bonds between the coating and the part. But there is another way: thermal spray.

Thermal spray is a family of coating processes that apply anything from ceramics to zinc onto almost any base material. Back in the day, early inventors even sprayed zinc on their bare hands…PLEASE DON’T DO THIS!!!

Thermal spray coatings typically are mechanically bonded, so bond strength is lower than a welded coating. Offsetting this is the fact you can thermal spray materials which are either not weldable or incompatible with your base materials.

Thermal spray is less known than welding, but if you look closely, there are examples of thermal spray every day in your life. See this week’s episode for more on thermal spray.

A few years ago, ARC joined the International Thermal Spray Association and added a robotic thermal spray booth to our R&D lab because thermal spray benefits from precise process and motion control in a robotic application.

If you have a problem with wear, thermal, or corrosion, then spray might be the best solution. Contact us, and we can help!