Last week I hosted a tour of ARC Specialties for a group of high school teachers. The field trip was part of The Research Experience for High School Teachers in Design and Manufacturing Presented by the University of Houston* and Associate Professor Weihang Zhu. See:

We started in the lab, where we test and refine new projects before we build them. Then on to engineering, manufacturing, assembly, programming, and final acceptance testing.

We just happened to have a nice variety of projects, including electric cars, shipbuilding, oil field, medical and pipe welding. In addition, the teachers were able to see robots welding, machining, thermal forming, plasma cutting, and doing orthopedic surgery.

I am always happy to host teachers. They are the ones who will inspire the next generation of craftsmen and engineers we need in America. Contact me if your group would like a tour.

I am delighted to see things getting back to normal. Kids back to school and America back to work!

– Dan Allford