Technical Services

The ARC Specialties Technical Services Division is backed by the array of testing capabilities and automation equipment available in ARC’s metallurgical and process development facilities. Our staff utilizes ARC’s research resources and equipment to verify project requirements, qualify welds, and create proofs of concepts.

The metallurgical and process development facilities include:

  • ARC-05P PLC Hot Wire GTAW Cladding System
  • ARC-06 CNC PTAW Hardfacing System
  • ABB and Fanuc Robots
  • Single and Tandem Wire SAW System
  • Rockwell Hardness Testing
  • PMI Analysis
  • Shield Gas Analysis
  • Automatic Liquid Penetrant Analysis
  • 3D Profile Mapping
  • Total Process Analysis
  • Weld Quality Analysis
  • Fatigue Testing
  • Tensile Strength Testing
  • Macroscopic Examination
  • Microscopic Examination
  • Diamond Cut-Off
  • Mounting Press
  • Polishing Equipment
ABB Robot
  • Pulsed MIG with ESAB AristoMIG or Fronius CMT
  • Cut-to-FitTM Technology
Fanuc Robot
  • Pulsed MIG with Lincoln Electric STT Power Wave
  • iR Vision
  • GTAW
  • Hotwire TIG
  • PLC
  • Inconel 625
  • Inconel 82
  • Stellite 6
  • PTAW
  • CNC
  • Hardfacing
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Titanium Joining
  • PLC
  • Vectored SAW
  • Multi-Wire SAW
  • Electroslag Strip Welding