Dan Allford to Speak at IMTS Chicago 2016

On Wednesday, September 14th at 9:00 am, Dan Allford will lead a session at IMTS 2016. The Presentation Topic is 3D Robotic Machining, and the talk will take place in room W192-B at McCormick Place.

The abstract for this presentation is below:

Advances in technology allow robots to capture more material removal applications. This paper will discuss advantages and limitations of plasma and oxy fuel cutting, plasma gouging and drilling and tapping and polishing when applied using robotics. One of the main drivers in this field is equipment cost. A 6 axis robot with 500 kg. end of the arm payload capacity costs around $140,000, which is substantially less than a typical 5 axis mill with similar work envelope. Articulated arms are also quicker than Cartesian based machine tools due to reduced inertia. On the opposing side, robots are less rigid or accurate than machine tools. Plasma and oxy fuel cutting and gouging require no tool force, which makes them ideal candidates for robotic machining. Material removal is accomplished using the power from either the plasma arc or the exothermic reaction of steel rather than using spindle horse power. Drilling, tapping and polishing are good robotic material removal technologies, as they do not exert side loads on the tool or the robot.