I have worked in manufacturing in Houston, Texas for the last 43 years. I can pick up the phone and get advice, equipment, and referrals if I’m ever in a jam. This cooperation is present even among competitors here in Houston. I love this country!

I have benefited from this open, supportive attitude for my entire career. So I always agree to host tours of ARC Specialties to show others how Dave Hebble conducts research in our lab. William Saxton and the other engineers design our machines. How John Tovar and the machinists make the parts. How Esteban Vazquez and the welders fabricate the machines. How Joe Lopez and the technicians assemble these machines. How Kevin Sevcik and the programmers write the code. And finally, how Nicholas AugustineJohn Martin, and the other project managers put it all together.

Yesterday, the Greater Houston Manufacturers Association visited ARC Specialties for lunch and a facility tour. They saw robots working on drill ships, sand screen machines that make 100 welds per second, a mobile welding robot that goes and finds work, ultrasonic inspection robots, and additive manufacturing printing 50 pounds of steel per hour!

If you would like a tour, please contact me.

ARC Specialties thrives on problems. Send us yours.

– Dan Allford