In this episode of The Roboticist Chronicles, Todd Buster, president of Horizon Development & Construction, stops by H.A.T. Studio to discuss commercial building on this installment of Dan’s Business Secrets.

Our Commercial Builder of Choice

Todd Buster and I talk about buildings and builders. You cannot make robots at home. In our case, it requires 6 buildings in 2 states. Todd has built and renovated buildings for ARC Specialties for 15-plus years. Todd is the only builder I have ever worked with on more than one project, which speaks volumes. If your company requires bricks and mortar like mine, then real estate is an essential part of your business.

I have been an entrepreneur since 1983. Historically, 90% of start-ups fail. I have yet to bankrupt one (knock on wood). People ask how I did it. So we will do a series on Dan’s Business Secrets, or Dan’s BS for short. Since I learn from others, I will have numerous guests on the podcast.

I met Todd through my real estate agent, Barrett J. Gibson, in 2008. We had Barrett on The Roboticist Chronicles recently (Episode 03: Commercial Real Estate) 

Since 2008 Todd has handled all my building needs from constructing 20,000 sqft tilt wall additions to installing free-standing bridge cranes to updating the ARC coffee room.

One of the best things about being in business is the good people you meet along the way. Todd has become not just my builder but a friend and trusted advisor.

Dan Allford and Todd Buster in front of studio signage with promotional hat

If you're interested in custom home building, renovation, or design-build construction, visit Todd Buster's companies for more information.